Drunk driving is a problem and something has to change!
Will you be next to step up against this problem, or will you be the next victim?
Together we can make a difference.

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As more signs continue to go up under David's law. Our hope is to be able to share those stories here keeping memories of those we have lost alive forever.

Contact Gail Rehme at gail.rehme@whosnext.us for more information on future community events.


My brother was killed by a drunk driver over 26 years ago, and it hurts my heart now more than it did then!

Our mission:
Who's Next will raise awareness to the risk associated with drunk driving, while providing educational opportunities to the community through family fun alcohol-free events.

What is this?
David's Law is a memorial sign program. The example in the upper right corner of this page is a sign for my brother the signs will be unique to each victim, as described further in the Proposal section. By placing each new sign, the level of awareness will be raised again and again.

Who's Next is a 501c3 non-profit organization established to aid in fundraising for families that would like a sign for their loved one. Who's Next will be sponsoring safe, family-friendly community events, and provide educational opportunities about the risks associated with this issue.

My Story

Who Am I?
I am David Louis Poenicke's little sister. I am the sixth child born to Barbara and Louis Poenicke.

What Am I Doing?
I have created a way to remember my brother and all of the other innocent people that have lost their lives due to the senseless act of driving while intoxicated.

Why am I doing this?
I miss my brother now more than when he died over 26 years ago. I will raise awareness to the pain that is still there and remind others that it never goes away.


David's Law was signed by Govenor Jay Nixon 7/1/09, personalized memorial signs for victims of drunk drivers can be put up on Missouri highways to raise awareness to the preventable problem of drinking and driving...

Each sign will have the victim's initials, month and year in which they were killed. The signs are intended to serve not only as a dedication to those we lost, but also as an educational reminder to the dangers and consequences of drinking and driving. The signs will be at or near each crash location. People always wonder what happened when passing a cross or roadside memorial, this website will provide the story behind the crash.

Ultimately, when a family makes the decision to get a sign for their loved one, we would like to post their personal story on this site and allow people to come and learn more about that special person. WHY??? Because we don't want them forgotten and we don't want this to happen to someone you love.

If only one driver chooses not to drive after drinking, our mission will be accomplished. Another life saved!


All donations are tax deductible!

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